Thursday, December 23rd - 10 in ’10: Film

To wrap up the year, I wanted to look through my photos and compile a few lists of the things I enjoy shooting. I will be posting the top 10 photos across 10 categories to close out 2010. These 10 categories will be: Books, Film, Portraits, Projects, Sports, Weddings, Cityscapes, Travel, Videos and Live Music. Last year, I made similar lists, and you can see my 9 in ’09 here.

When I shoot with film, I tend to use either a very old SLR camera (much older than I am) or some form of a modified Holga / match-box / soda can / self-made contraption – like this one here.

I view film as a way to make pictures say different things, rather than another medium to simply capture pictures. I like to shoot a couple frames in sequence, capture two contrasting images side-by-side or use multiple exposures on the same strip of film. I like to think this adds another dimension to a simple snap of the shutter.

For example, I like the contrast in Beggar’s Alley – the #2 photo below. On one side – a dirty alley. On the other side – a statue of someone looking for a handout… behind bars. For some reason, I really like it.

Then in the #1 photo, I used a modified Holga to expose the whole film – over the sprockets – to take multiple overlapping exposures of Pritzker Pavilion in Millenium Park. The intersecting lines and double exposure intrigue me, and I always find Millenium Park to be a great backdrop for photographs.

I rarely use film to simply capture a photo – digital seems to serve that purpose much more efficiently. I like to use film as an experimental way to show how differently those simple photos can be captured.

10. Fountains

263/365: Fountains

9. Triple Tracks

Triple Tracks

8. Segway

255/365: Segway

7. Fast Food

314/365: Fast Food

6. You

260/365: You

5. Jump


4. Pitchfork Portraits

Pitchfork Portraits

3. Maddie


2. Beggar’s Alley

264/365: Beggar's Alley

1. Double Take

Double Take

Monday, December 13th - 333/365: 333

333/365: 333

Monday, December 13th - 315/365: Sunset Wings

315/365: Sunset Wings

Monday, December 13th - 314/365: Fast Food

314/365: Fast Food

Monday, December 13th - 313/365: City

313/365: City

Monday, December 13th - 312/365: Wilting Winter

312/365: Wilting Winter

Wednesday, November 3rd - Seattle Wedding

A couple great friends got married in Seattle several weeks ago, and it was a wonderful ceremony and reception. I decided to use an old Nikon FE to shoot a couple rolls of film. It was tough, and these photos don’t do the celebration justice. It’s pretty hard to shoot without a flash on an old 1970′s camera using ISO 800 film and a 50mm lens wide open at f/1.2… whew. You realize how lucky you are to go back home and use a 5d Mark II. I decided to scan in the sprockets cause I like it that way, but it can definitely be a bit too much.

Seattle Wedding - 9/18/10

Seattle Wedding - 9/18/10

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Sunday, October 24th - 272/365: Back in SF

272/365: Back in SF

Sunday, October 24th - 270/365: Seattle Again

270/365: Seattle Again

Sunday, October 24th - 264/365: Beggar’s Alley

264/365: Beggar's Alley