Monday, November 30th - Mirror, Mirror… On the Wall

Saw this reflection of the Batcolumn sculpture last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any lenses with me to get the best composition, but still thought this was a good look at Claes_Oldenburg‘s sculpture outside of the Social Security building.

Mirror, Mirror...

Friday, November 27th - Mistress Stephanie is Over The Top

Thanks to Ren in Bailiff, I caught their show last Friday – photos to come. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience to stick around for Poi Dog Pondering… not after the second opening act, Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat. I have a few photos of what occurred on that stage, but none do it justice. Let’s just say this is a good look of surprise for what we saw:

Melodic Cat?

Friday, November 27th - Old Timer

Old Time Ford Truck

Snapped a few photos of this old time Ford truck outside of Calumet Photo last week. This machine looked like it had been refurbished pretty well, with a nice interior and shiny new paint job. Don’t see too many cars like this on the road.

Old Time Ford Truck

Thursday, November 26th - Happy Early Christmas.

It seems like we always forget about Thanksgiving.

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26th - Faceless Self-Portrait

Faceless Self-Portrait

Wednesday, November 25th - The Psychic Knew I Was Outside

Psychic Reader

This psychic reader is located right across from my condo, and I am never tempted to go in there. You would think that after several beers one night I would stumble in and ask for the future. Alas, it has never happened.

One night last month, I walked by and snapped a couple photos. Immediately, the psychic felt my presence and came storming out. She disguised it as a cigarette break, but promptly asked me what I was doing. I responded, “Admiring your neon lights.” She was caught off guard. I snapped one more photo and proceeded home. She may have been worried that I would catch them in a lie. Photos don’t prove the future wrong – they verify the past.

Wednesday, November 25th - Blue Water

Blue Water

Wednesday, November 25th - Dubuffet


I took this shot with Kodak Ultramax 400 in my Nikon FE with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. The sculpture, Monument with Standing Beast by Jean Debuffet, is located outside the Thompson Center in the Loop.

Tuesday, November 24th - Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Luckily for me, I was shooting with a very wide lens on this particular day. Looking up from a 50mm lens, this church wouldn’t have looked so impressive.

Tuesday, November 24th - Whip It Good.

Whip It Good